Weiman Wood Furniture & Floor Repair Kit

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Color-fast for long-lasting beauty, this all-inclusive Weiman Wood Repair Kit for Wood Furniture & Floors makes fixing everyday surface scratches, nicks, gouges & worn edges easy to hide along a wide variety of wood shades. Included in this bundle pack are four touch-up markers, four filler crayons & one sharpener, perfect for daily touch-ups & restoration on your finished wood surfaces.

The no-drip Weiman Touch-Up Markers come in a variety of light brown, medium brown, dark brown & black colors that dry in seconds; allowing you to blend multiple colors to accurately match your wood finish and enrich the true beauty that your home deserves. Maintain the long-lasting beauty of your home with Weiman Filler Sticks that contain a blend-to-match set of light brown, medium brown, dark brown & black colors to fill deep scratches. gouges & nail holes without discoloration or drying out. Find the perfect blend of colors that instantly cover & hide hardwood imperfections including nails, holes, scratched furniture, blemishes, scuffs, wood-veneer, desk furniture, floors, trim, cabinets, tables, bedposts, doors, frames, furniture, cabinets, floors, woodwork, paneling, molding & more.

The Weiman Wood Furniture & Floor Repair Kit helps you perfectly match any wood surface to effortlessly hide imperfections & maintain the brilliance of your wood surfaces.

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