Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish [355ml]

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Give your appliances the showroom treatment with the convenient Weiman Stainless Steel Sink Cleaner & Polish. A cleaner designed with a polish that protects and resist fingerprints, watermarks & grease; while also repelling dust and dirt to keep your kitchen shining brighter and longer. Your stainless steel sink will effortlessly convey a streak free, premium stain resistent and clean look while leaving an invisible water-repellant barrier that protects against tough stains & makes future cleaning even easier. Perfect to clean & polish any stainless steel sink without scratching or damaging the surface, rejuvinating the beautiful shine of your sinks surface. Weiman Stainless Steel Sink Cleaner & Polish helps restaurants and commercial environments with the highest of expectations to look their very best.

Restore the brilliant look of your kitchen with our line of Weiman products that compliment your wood floors, cooktops, granite surfaces, silverware and more! Weiman Products is the perfect home, chef, pro, scratch resistant, cleansing, household, professional, and at work solution for all of your stainless steel cleaning and buffing needs. The best specialty cleaning products you will buy online or in a store. When cleaning is your therapy, Weiman is your method, just wipe away and not a fingerprint in site!

Weiman wants each of the surfaces in your home to look its absolute best. That’s why we have developed cleaning products that go beyond simply cleaning to beautify and protect each of your delicate, difficult to care for surfaces.

From stainless steel to leather to granite, each of our products is formulated specifically for one surface and one surface only; allowing you to achieve the perfect results that your home deserves. A clean home is great, but we want it to look more than clean, we want it to look spectacular! Weiman leaves a polishing shine and acts as a protector where other cleaners do not compare.

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