Urnex Nespresso Machine Cleaner - 5 Pods

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Urnex dedicates a huge amount of care and effort into their cleaning products for one reason: the passion of individuals who are part of the creation of a cup of coffee. Through the seed-to-cup journey, farmers and producers carefully pick and process the coffee cherries, importers and exporters ensure the preservation of the coffee during transit, and roasters roast the green coffee to perfection. Then in a café or home setting, using the latest and greatest equipment technology and tools, you can produce a delicious brewed coffee or a delicately balanced espresso. But if your coffee is made from dirty equipment, then all the care, effort and dedication put forth throughout the coffee chain is wasted. Clean and maintain your equipment with Urnex and taste the difference.

Did you know that Cleaning Capsule is not the same as Descaler?


Using a cleaning capsule and using a descaler on your machine are not the same thing. The cleaning capsule cleans the front part of your machine and removes old coffee oils out of the brewing chamber of your machine. The descaler on the other hand works only on the back part, removing lime scale and calcium deposits from your machine’s internal components


1.  Place cleaning capsule into machine.

2.  Brew largest cup size twice.

3.  Remove cleaning capsule from machine.

4.  Brew twice to rinse.

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