Uni Posca PC5M15C [Medium Tip 1.8 - 2.5mm]

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POSCA paint markers are an excellent multi-surface, creative pen. The uni POSCA medium bullet tip Paint marker contains water-based pigment ink which is lightfast, water-resistant, and will write on almost any surface. The PC-5M medium 1.8 ~ 2.5mm bullet tip produces neat and precise lines and is ideal for colouring.

- Water-based Paint Marker, non-toxic, light-fast and waterproof.
- Writes on... wood, textile, cardboard, metal, glass, stone, plastic, ceramics (POSCA is a creative tool for all materials!).
- Full opaque matt finish.
- Dries quickly.
- Paint can be scraped off of non-porous surfaces like glass and will be permanent on porous surfaces.
- Colors show up on both light and dark surfaces and ink can be layered without smudging once dry.
- Medium tip : 1.8mm - 2.5mm line
- 15 colors Set contains: Black, Blue, Brown, Golden Yellow, Gray, Green, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Orange, Orange, Pink, Red, Violet, White, and Yellow.
- Non toxic water based paint marker

To start using the marker, shake it with the cap on so that the ball inside rattles. Then uncap the pen, place the tip on a piece of scratch paper, and press down so that the tip is pushed back into the body of the pen. Press the tip down several times until the ink begins to flow.

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