Ohuhu Water Based Dual Tips Markers with Carrying Case [60 - 120]

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color_family: 60 Markers in Tube
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Calling all creatives! The Ohuhu 40 Pack is perfect for artists, illustrators, animators, interior designers, architects, children, or anyone looking to tap into their right brain. These markers come in a wide variety of striking, vivid colors spanning the entire color spectrum. Use the color-coded caps to make your selection! A brush tip allows for easy coloring and blending, and the fine tip is great for smaller details.

The ink is non-toxic, acid free, odorless and dries in a flash. We've included a bonus container to keep your markers close at hand. Take your creations to the next level with Ohuhu!


1) Shake the marker pens before first-time use or if they have not been used for a while.

2) Hold the marker pens upright to allow the ink to flow smoothly.

3) Close the caps tightly to prevent the ink from drying out.

4) Do not remove the caps forcefully.

5) If the ink does not flow, press the pen tip down for 2 minutes.

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