Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth [9 x 12 inches]

Sale price$14.90 SGD


This is the same formula as always, just in a bigger size. For folks who are polishing large pieces of metal; i.e. swords, musical instruments, cars, bath tubs, etc. There is nothing that works as well, not just for one kind of cleaning but for all surfaces. Nothing that can be used over and over till every bit of chemical-saturated fabric is loaded with dirt and grime. It polishes and waxes the wood and enamel parts and removes rust and corrosion from the metal of golf clubs, fishing tackle, boats, guns and outboard motors. Use it on: Sterling Silver, Plated Silverware, Pewter, Gold, Chrome, Nickel, Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Auto Body, Bronze, Furniture and Antiques, Enamel, Ceramic Tile, Removes scuff marks from floors, Removes bad corrosion from metals. How to Use: -Wear gloves -Rinse metal in warm water -Rub directly onto metal using the enclosed sponge or clean cloth -Rinse with water, then dry and buff using a clean, soft cloth

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