Kalita Wave Paper Filter, White, 100 Pack [Size 155/185]

Size: 185 [Pack of 100]
Sale price$15.95 SGD


PULLS THE PERFECT CUP: The patented wave design reduces contact between the brewing space and the filter itself for a more balanced extraction and a flavorful, full-bodied cup of coffee every time. The design of the filters works in perfect harmony with Kalita Wave drippers to create a pool of water on top of the coffee bed that can help control agitation, helping maintain a uniform extraction without too much turbulence which could lead to over-extraction).

PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS AND PROFESSIONALS: You'll find the Kalita Wave pour-over coffee filters used in the world's top speciality cafes and professional coffee-making competitions. But they are also the perfect filters for pour-over beginners. Cone filters require perfect grinds and pouring techniques in order to prevent stalling and over-extraction. The wave filter's flat bottom, on the other hand, maintains a wide and even coffee bed, allowing water to permeate and leave the filter evenly.

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Made in Japan out of premium thick paper stock. Our Kalita Wave 185 filters are oxygen bleached for environmental sustainability and to maintain your coffee's perfectly balanced taste.

SPECIALLY MADE FOR KALITA WAVE POUR-OVER DRIPPERS: For best results use your Kalita Wave filters with the same size Kalita Wave dripper in either glass, ceramic or stainless steel.

SATISFACTION: Kalita is a family-owned Japanese company that adheres to the highest standards of manufacturing excellence. Contact us for any issues with the product.

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