Kalita Wave Filters Pack of 50 [Size 155 | 185]

Type: Filter 155
Sale price$7.90 SGD


50 sheets of white paper filter for the Kalita Wave dripper. Using the finest quality paper, these unique shaped paper filters create an optimal and consistent brew when combined with the Kalita Wave series drippers.

#155 filters are suitable for the Torch Mountain Dripper as well.

#155: 1-2 Cups Kalita Wave Dripper

#185: 3-4 Cups Kalita Wave Dripper


Size: Diameter: 155mm Height 15mm

Wight: 80g / 50 sheets

Material: Bleached Pulp

Made in Japan


Size: Diameter: 185mm Height 43mm

Wight: 107g / 50 sheets

Material: Bleached Pulp

Made in Japan

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