Gonzo Natural Magic Odour Absorbing Gel, Tropical Paradise [397g]

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Eliminate Unwanted Odors

Natural Magic Odor Absorbing Gel absorbing and eliminating all types of odors including smoke, cooking odors, pet odors, garbage odors, paint odors and any musty odors. The gel not only eliminates odors but leaves a light, pleasant smell in the air.

Use in Multiple Areas

Natural Magic Odor Absorbing Gel is in a compact size jar that can be placed in multiple areas. Great for pet areas, bathrooms, basements, closets, kitchens, offices or any other area in your home where odor is a problem.

Neutralize Odors, Not Mask

Natural Magic Odor Absorbing Gels do not mask odors but instead permanently eliminates odors by neutralizing malodors.

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