Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pour Over Kettle 0.9L Black/White

color_family: Black 0.9L
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Everything A Kettle Could Ask For

It’s easy to look at the humble gooseneck kettle as a dime-a-dozen coffee accessory, but only if you haven’t had your hands on a Fellow Stagg EKG. For fast heat times, temperature accuracy, and small details to let you control your experience, you would be hard pressed to find a variable temperature kettle that will outperform this brew bar titan.

Beautiful, Functional Design

The Stagg EKG is, quite honestly, an aesthetic joy to behold. While the kettle is wonderful to look at, Fellow also made design decisions with you in mind as the user; the EKG’s ergonomically designed counterweighted handle is built for comfort and control, and the pour spout provides smooth and perfectly precise flow from wide open pouring down to just a dribble when the need arises. And with so many different color options there’s certainly a colorway perfect for you to blend into your brewing setup or to show off front and center on your countertop.

Intuitive Interface

Offering only one large knob and one LCD display screen on its face, the simplicity of the kettle’s base is an accomplishment on its own. Just click the knob down to turn the kettle on and off, twist clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust your temperature up or down by one degree at a time, or take the kettle off the base and hold the button in for three seconds to start your brew timer. You can also find two toggle switches on the back of the base to choose between fahrenheit and celsius, or to turn on or off the temperature hold mode.

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