Comandante Red Clix RX35 Metric Precision Thread

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Comandante Red Clix is an upgrade for C40 Nitro Blade and C40 Ironheart grinders. With this axle, your grinder gets an expanded click range, which results in even greater precision. You must have either grinder for the Red Clix to be useful. Check out our other listing for Comandante Grinders.

The Red Clix has twice as many grinding settings as the regular axle. At the same time, the grinding stays consistent and smooth. Especially espresso fans will find this super-precise adjustment second to none. If you are a demanding filter coffee geek, it will also hit the spot.

The Red Clix has been designed for the professional coffee expert in a competition situation. Both the axle and the grinding grade dial have been equipped with an ultra-fine precision thread. The main difference is the expanded click range for the same particle size range and the same brewing methodology. The click steps with Red Clix are much finer, but at the same time, the click mechanism itself is as solid and as stable as the standard version.

For example: if you currently use 25 clicks for your brewing methodology, with RED CLIX you now need 50 clicks. If you go up or down by 5 clicks with the standard version, with RED CLIX you now need 10 clicks. RED CLIX actually gives you an additional step between two standard clicks. This might be helpful if you want to optimize extraction time for a particular lightly roasted speciality coffee espresso shot.

The set includes an axle, a spring, two washers, a red dial, and a silicone wristband. Please be careful to only use the Red Clix axle together with the Red Clix dial - The extra-fine precision thread on both axle and dial are very delicate and will get damaged if used with any other parts. Please make sure you do not mix the Red Clix parts with standard parts. Otherwise, the RX35 parts will get damaged and can not be used anymore.

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