Camphor Laurel Rectangle Chopping Board [Small] by Fab Slabs

Small Board: Light Brown
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Small Rectangle Chopping Board [430mm x170mm x 30mm]

100% Australian Made Premium Handmade Chopping Board
Made from a Single Solid Slab of Timber! No glues, no joins, no chemicals or plastic
Made from Camphor Laurel Wood; each piece is unique in colour, grain and character
Eco Friendly
Preferred by Food Standards in Australia and New Zealand
Naturally and permanently Anti-Bacterial! The anti microbial chemicals found in Camphor Laurel wood occur naturally. Once the wood is kin dried, lab tests shown that they present no issue in terms of contaminating food.
You can use the boards with all meats, fish, veggies and even as a cheese platter!


Ensure your board is washed thoroughly after each use. Use only MILD dish soap and HOT water.
Avoid soaking your board or putting it in the dishwasher. This can lead to swelling, warping or cracking.
Always towel dry and put your board away from direct sunlight!
When your board looks dry, oil it with Grape Seed Oil!
These are High Quality Timber Boards that are designed to be durable and stay in beautiful condition even after extended usage, with the right care!

ABOUT FAB SLABS - From the Brand

We’ve built a legacy by creating natural anti-bacterial cutting boards that have reached across the globe, showcasing an unwavering commitment to quality. Moreover, Fab Slabs Cutting Boards boast an industry-leading reputation for quality. We confidently present these cutting boards to you, knowing they’ve undergone rigorous testing and have proven their resilience over time. Crucially, these boards aren’t just antibacterial; they remain bacteria-free, even after a decade of use in both commercial and domestic settings.

One of the most compelling aspects of Fab Slabs Cutting Boards is our commitment to sustainability. Crafted from Camphor Laurel timber, a tree considered a weed in Australia and harmful to our Eco-System, these boards repurpose the trees into antibacterial cutting boards, preventing environmental harm and actively contributing to ecosystem preservation.

We stand alone as the sole company that definitively proves our products remain completely bacteria-free even after a decade of continuous use in both commercial and domestic settings. So, is this THE WORLD’S MOST HYGIENIC CUTTING BOARD? The answer, unequivocally, is yes.

In conclusion, we don’t just make cutting boards; we craft the epitome of hygienic and eco-conscious culinary essentials.

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