Cafetto Eco Capsule Clean [6 Capsules]

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Cafetto ECO Capsule Cleaners are 100% biodegradable capsule and recyclable foil, free of phosphates and GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). Using these capsules reduces risk of machine break-downs that can occur as a result of blockages. Consists of 6 capsules.

The ECO Capsules are simple to use and thoroughly clean coffee oils from the brewing chamber and delivery spout. You can also use them between different beverages to stop cross-contamination of flavours.


  1. Insert one Capsule Clean capsule into the machine and close, ensuring the water tank is full of fresh water with an empty cup under the delivery spout.
  2. Run the machine using the largest cup button to get the maximum amount of water from the machine.
  3. Repeat step 2 twice.
  4. Eject the capsule into the waste compartment.
  5. Run the machine again using the largest cup button to rinse. Repeat.
  6. Your capsule machine is now clean and once again ready for making delicious coffee!

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