Bialetti Coffee Hand Grinder Macinacaffe [Black/Red]

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Enjoy the aroma and flavour of freshly ground coffee beans with this hand coffee grinder. With an adjustable ceramic grinder, coarseness can be adjusted to perfectly match your brewing method. Ground coffee collection chamber shows measures suitable for a Bialetti stovetop 1 cup, 3 cup and 6 cup. Perfect at home or when you're on the go and only the freshest ground coffee will do!

Before First Use:

  • Wash the grinder thoroughly with warm water only.

How to use:

This coffee grinder is intended to be used only with roasted coffee beans. Do not put the coffee grinder in contact with hot surfaces and do not leave the ground coffee in the collection chamber after use. Brew coffee immediately or transfer to an airtight container.

1. Raise the lid and fill the hopper with coffee beans.

2. Grind the required amount of coffee by checking the levels indicated on the collection chamber.

- x1 = amount of ground coffee for a 1x cup Moka

- x3 = amount of ground coffee for a 3x cup Moka

- x6 = amount of ground coffee for a 6x cup Moka

3. Once you reach the required amount, unscrew the coffee grinder, remove the collection chamber and pour the contents into the coffee maker.

Adjusting the type of ground coffee:

1. Unscrew the coffee grinder by holding the hopper and rotating the tank protection clockwise.

2. Rotate the grinding regulator clockwise until it locks

3. Make a 1/4 turn anti-clockwise to obtain a grinding level suitable for espresso coffee

4. Make a 1/2 turn anti-clockwise to obtain a grinding level suitable for a Moka


After each use, it is best to clean the coffee grinder by rotating the lever and turning the grinder upside down.

Do NOT put grinder in the dishwasher.

Wash the tank and hopper with warm water only and leave to dry completely.

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