Bialetti Brikka Black Coffee Expresso Maker [2 | 4 Cups]

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Bialetti Brikka makes a rich and intense espresso reminiscent of the way it is served in Italian Coffee Bars. The Bialetti Brikka produces a richer coffee due to the unique designed spout, which brews the coffee in half the time with twice as much pressure. Bialetti Brikka brings the unmistakable pleasure of real espresso coffee to your home.

To ensure maximum creaminess, fill the boiler up to the mark indicated inside and then continue as you have always been used to. In just a few minutes, Bialetti Brikka, with its unique, patented system will prepare a creamy sugar-ready coffee: add in a teaspoon and you will see it settle on the crema and then slowly slide to the bottom, ready to add a sweet touch to your break.

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