700ml Taiwan Honey by Beetouched | Halal-Certified

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Who is Beetouched?
Beetouched was established in 1982 and is committed to providing consumers with the highest-quality honey products from Taiwan. They buy honey from the best beekeepers in Taiwan and Thailand and process them lightly to create honey products. All honey are thoroughly tested to ensure that no artificial sugars are added. Today, Beetouched is the most recognized honey brand in Taiwan and is a leader in honey handling and quality control. As a factory certificated by FSSC 22000, all process of production in our factory are strictly in accordance with health criteria, technological norms and regular operation procedure. All products are certified fit for consumption by extensive in-house testing and lots of global food safety initiatives, e.g. SGS and TENTAMUS.
※ Honey crystallization is a natural phenomenon and is visible within the bottles. In case of crystallization, please heat the bottle up with 40 degrees water to restore it back to a liquid form. We recommend to eat the honey directly as a spread, which can preserve the original nutrition of the honey.
[Product Name] Beetouched Workshop-Golden Selection Taiwan Honey 700ml
[Ingredients] 100% organic Honey
[Net weight] 700 grams
[Shelf Life] 3 years
[Storage Method] Please put it in a cool and dry place, and consume it as soon as possible after opening the bottle.
[Best before] Marked on the package
[Place of Origin] Taiwan

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