Ohuhu Alcohol Marker Pads Spiral Bound Sketchbook, 254 x 193 mm

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254×193mm Portable Drawing Pads (254×178mm After Tearing): Expand your creative possibilities with the generously sized 254 x 178mm drawing pages. Whether you're a novice or an experienced artist, you'll appreciate the freedom provided by this larger-than-average paper. Additionally, the pad is highly portable and easily fits into almost any bag, enabling you to draw wherever inspiration strikes!

120lb (200gsm) Heavyweight Drawing Papers: This paper offers the perfect blend of durability and delicacy. With a smooth, flat surface, the 120lb (200gsm) heavyweight paper prevents bleeding, smudging, and feathering, ensuring clean artwork. It serves as an excellent choice for a sketchbook compatible with most dry art media, ranging from alcohol markers and solvent markers to colored pencils, charcoal, pastels, inks, and more!

Spiral-Bound Marker Pad with Easy-Tear Pages: The spiral binding enhances the drawing experience, allowing for easy page flipping and keeping the sketchbook flat. Explore your creativity on any side you desire. Whether you want to start over, share a page with a friend, or for any other reason, the perforated edges make it effortless to tear out pages. Carry your sheets with you everywhere, be it while traveling, in class, or elsewhere!

Double-Sided, 60 Sheets, Totaling 120 Pages: Each sheet in this marker pad features a double-sided texture, providing a total of 120 pages for you to explore your creativity, whether you're a professional or a beginner. Suitable for various styles, including sketching, stippling, drawing manga, cartoons, still life drawings, and more!

Acid-Free Art Papers with Maximum Blendability: Ensure your artwork remains vibrant for years to come with 100% acid-free paper. Moreover, this marker pad is specifically crafted for use with Ohuhu markers, ensuring seamless blending. An ideal choice for Back to School or Christmas supplies.

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