Cafetto Restore Descaler [1kg]

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Cafetto Restore is a product used for cleaning and restoring espresso machine parts and pod capsule machines, including filters, baskets, and group heads. The solution is designed to remove coffee oils, grounds, and stains without leaving behind any residues or odors. It is safe to use on aluminum, brass, and stainless steel surfaces and can effectively clean and restore these parts to their original condition.

Features: Cafetto Restore features a special formula that removes coffee stains and buildup while also preventing corrosion and pitting on metal surfaces. The product is easy to use, simply dilute it with water and soak or circulate it through the affected parts. It can also be used with ultrasonic cleaners for a more thorough clean. Restore is a biodegradable and phosphate-free product that is safe for the environment.

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