Arrtx Brush Alcohol Markers Oros 80 Colors

Sale price$109.90 SGD


Premium Alcohol-Based Ink: Our markers feature highly pigmented alcohol-based ink renowned for its exceptional blending capabilities. Achieve superior tonal gradation, smooth transitions, and rapid drying without any blotches or smudges.

Durable Dual-Tip Design: Each pen is equipped with a sturdy broad chisel tip and a precise brush point tip. Whether you're drawing thin or thick lines, detailing intricate designs, or covering extensive areas, these dual tips offer versatility for creating animations, sketches, and designs with ease.

Portable and Reusable Packaging: Conveniently stored in a portable box, our markers come organized in three stable grids with 80 wells. This ensures your markers remain tidy and easily accessible, allowing you to swiftly select the perfect colors for your artwork.

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