Arrtx 90 Colors Alcohol Markers

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The Arrtx ALP 90 Colors Marker Set with Vibrant Colors is widely applicable, featuring basic colors commonly used in coloring, design, illustration, drawing, sketching, painting, and more.

Please take note of the following:

  1. Due to the unique characteristics of alcohol markers, the color appearance may vary depending on the type of paper used. It is recommended to use marker paper for optimal results.
  2. To open the markers effectively, gently unscrew the marker cap instead of applying force to unplug it.
  3. To prevent ink volatilization, promptly cap the pen after use.
  4. For optimal performance, store these marker pens horizontally.
  5. This product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Children should use it under adult supervision.

Dual Tips Artist Marker for Varied Needs

Featuring broad chisel and fine point nib twin tips, this marker is designed for precise highlighting and underlining, enabling drawing with both thin and thick lines. It is suitable for detail processing as well as extensive area coverage. This marker allows you to effortlessly create various styles, sketches, and patterns, making it versatile for dealing with a wide range of artwork.

Vibrant Colors and Durable Art Marker Set: Easy to Use for Both Professional Artists and Beginners

Tips for Layering with Markers:

Using the same color or similar colors to overlay is an excellent way to enrich your pictures. The overlay method involves drawing light to deep colors. After finishing the first light color, apply the second layer of deep tones on this base, and even a third layer can be added according to the picture's requirements. Pay attention to the order from light to deep when superimposing, and gradually reduce the color area of each layer. Remember not to cover the previous layer of color.

Additionally, adding a new layer of the same color will result in a darker shade.

Uniquely Designed Box: A Great Gift Idea for Anyone

These wonderful markers come in a beautiful package box. Upon opening, the movable side aids in standing it on a flat surface.

The box includes a grid for organizing the markers and a girdle for easy carrying. Additionally, the empty box can serve as storage space.

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