Green Gobbler Septic Tank Treatment [Pack of 6]

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Rely on Green Gobbler Septic Saver to Keep Your Septic System Disaster Free!

Green Gobbler Septic Saver is the easiest and most cost effective way to maintain a healthy septic system and avoid disastrous sewage problems. Our Septic Saver will lengthen the lifespan of your septic system and protect your home, business or recreational vehicle from costly repairs or replacements. Septic Saver’s digestive enzymes are specifically formulated for all septic tanks, pipes and plumbing systems. Each enzyme and bacteria packed pod will neutralize the effects of detergents, bleach and other household cleaning products on your system. It also prevents foul odors, future backups and other septic catastrophes.

Easy to Use & Cost Saving

Each bag of Green Gobbler Septic Saver contains a 6 month supply of water soluble pods. Simply drop and flush a single pod once a month into your bathroom toilet. Preventative maintenance will save you the hassle of costly septic tank services.

Powerful Enzymes Digest Matter

Green Gobbler Septic Saver contains powerful bacteria and enzymes that break down and liquefy organic materials and solids on contact. It also prevent backups, overflows and bad odors as well as neutralizes the effects of detergents, bleach and other household cleaning chemicals.

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